About Proxy

What is The online Proxy?
The hitfake web proxy is a site that allows you to access any website, while at work, school, or anywhere where you're restricted by a firewall. Rather than connecting directly to site, you're first passing through our servers, before routing your connection to requestet site.

What are the benefits?
The main benefit is that you can visit any website if you were previously restricted from doing so. The proxyfor.eu proxy also prevents nosey ISPs from seeing what you are doing and monitoring your connection.

Does the Proxy hide my IP?
Yes, it does. The site that you visit cannot see your originating IP. For more information on hiding your IP, we recommend visiting How Do I Hide My Ip
Use our free proxy to surf websites anonymously in complete privacy. Hide your IP address ('online fingerprint') and route your internet traffic through our anonymous proxy servers.

No software required
All you need is a web browser to use our free online proxy, no third-party software is required to be downloaded.

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